Venue Information

Training and Warm-Up Information

There will be use of the grass green two days prior to event. We also have an artificial green that competitors can use for warm up at any point through the games.


Each competitor shall provide their own bowls, all other equipment will be provided.

Competition Format

This will be dependent on the level of entries. It is planned to have a sectional round robin, then a play over with the winners of each section.

Singles: Each competitor shall play four bowls. The winner of each game shall be the 1st competitor to attain 21 shots.

Pairs: Two competitors, a lead and a skip, shall play four bowls each, the lead playing 1st and then the skip as defined in the IIGA Laws.

Triples: Three competitors, a lead and second, and a skip. Playing as defined in IIGA laws.

Team: This will be a scoring system based on where entries finish in their events, to be discussed with IIGA committee.

Proposed events
Women’s Singles
Men’s Singles
Women’s Pairs
Men’s Pairs
Women’s Triples
Men’s Triples
Women’s Team Event
Men’s Team Event

Volunteer at Orkney 2025

Our volunteers are central to the smooth running of Orkney 2025. The Games-time Volunteer Programme is open from 15th January to 12th September 2024. If you'd like to apply, you can do so now.