Venue Information

The event will be hosted from Hatston Slip.

Training and Warm-Up Information

A practice race will take place before the events.


Equipment ILCA class dinghies to be provided by the host island, with two hulls per island and two sets of ILCA 7 rigs and two sets of ILCA 6 rigs.

Competition Format

Up to two ILCA 7 Class competitors and up to two ILCA 6 class competitors per island will be permitted entry to the event. Both classes will race 10 races with one discard. The team event is the best three places in both classes for each race sailed. Provisionally two ILCA 7 and two ILCA 6 races per day.

Proposed events
ILCA 7 (formerly Laser Standard Rig)
ILCA 6 (formerly Laser Radial Rig)
Sailing Team Event

Volunteer at Orkney 2025

Our volunteers are central to the smooth running of Orkney 2025. The Games-time Volunteer Programme is open from 15th January to 12th September 2024. If you'd like to apply, you can do so now.