Orkney 2025 Island Games

The Orkney Islands will host the 20th International Island Games on 12th - 18th July 2025.

This week-long event will see athletes from up to 25 island groups from across the world compete in 13 sports: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Bowls, Cycling, Clay Shooting, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Sailing, Squash, Swimming and Triathlon.

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Between now and 2025 we will have many exciting updates and opportunities to get involved, such as volunteering, with the Orkney 2025 International Island Games. If you would like us to keep in touch, then please complete our sign up form.

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About Orkney 2025

From 12th - 18th July 2025 our beautiful island group off the North coast of Scotland will provide the perfect ‘stadium’ for seven days of competition, across 13 sports.

Whether a competitor, coach or loyal team supporter, we can’t wait to extend a warm Orcadian welcome to you, as you land on our islands to begin your Orkney adventure. Orkney continually demonstrates its ability to punch above its weight and has a proven track record in successfully delivering high class international events. This event, which will be the largest ever hosted in Orkney with an expected 2500-3000 visitors, also provides a platform to further develop our strong Tourism sector and promote Orkney as the perfect host and Scotland as the perfect stage.

Orkney 2025 Mission Statement

  • Provide a competitive sporting programme in excellent facilities
  • Create a meaningful legacy for local sport and communities
  • Involve communities and businesses as much as possible
  • Celebrate the best of Orkney: place, produce and people
  • Make the 2025 Games as environmentally friendly as possible

Our Sports

With our 13 proposed sports, we aim to showcase our isles whilst ensuring there is, at most, an hour transfer to our furthest away sports venue, with dedicated Games coach transfers in place. Our variety of sporting locations also allows us to offer accommodation solutions to islands/teams to be near their competition venue.

  • Archery - hosted at the Pickaquoy Centre with bespoke temporary facilities installed at the venue.
  • Athletics - hosted at the Pickaquoy Centre. The track has six lanes with eight lanes on the straight, along with an investment for a new cage for Discus and Hammer. Please note there will be no pole-vault or steeplechase offered in the programme.
  • Badminton - hosted at the Pickaquoy centre, providing a minimum of five courts and seating for 150 spectators.
  • Bowls - hosted in the historic heart of Kirkwall, with access to eight lanes for competition with a strong local club in place.
  • Cycling - three events, the criterium in Kirkwall, and the road race and time trial will be on closed or partially closed roads taking in some of iconic sites around Orkney.
  • Football - Eight grounds, all with grass pitches, clubhouses and changing facilities.
  • Golf - will offer stunning views for competitors, with two 18-hole golf courses at Stromness & Orkney Golf Club, each with club houses.
  • Gymnastics - We will be hosting this event at the Stromness Academy, New competition equipment will be acquired and with a local club of over 200 members and an ever-growing waiting list, excitement is already building for the future of this sport.
  • Sailing - hosted at Kirkwall Sailing Club on the Kirkwall harbour front.
  • Shooting events - hosted at Ramsdale which is a recently completed new venue. Competition offer will include, automatic ball trap and Olympic skeet.
  • Swimming - hosted at the Pickaquoy Centre, offering six lanes in a 25-metre pool. This facility was built and opened in 2013 with balcony spectator seating available for 150 people.
  • Squash - hosted at the Pickaquoy Centre offering both singles & doubles competition. The venue offers three courts with ground level & balcony seating to accommodate 100 spectators.
  • Triathlon - We can guarantee stunning views and we will work closely to select the best venue for swimming conditions.

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If you would like to hear from us, then please sign up to our updates. Alternatively, you can email us at info@orkney2025.com